The World Vs Plastic Roadmap


Inception, Research & Feasibility Study

We began to notice a trend in plastic waste incidents like this (link to video of turtle with straw in nose) so we began to research plastic. We continued with Plastic waste, plastic recycling, and it all came to a head with the discovery of Chinas plastic waste import ban. Click here to see key data (link to learn)

Research plastic ecosystem, plastic waste, plastic recycling
Discover various plastic supply chains and their process
Research and Connect with plastic recycling communities
Discover the main pain points in the plastic recycling industry
Discover the major hinderances in community recycling efforts
Discovery of Chinas ban on import of plastics



Business development & Software design

Plastic Shift V0 is validated through the WorldVsPlastic website. After becoming fully aware and educated on the global plastic waste situation, our experience with platform businesses and community optimization presented the opportunity to upgrade the plastic ecosystem. With software, we plan to empower plastic waste solutions around the world, improve the local recycling process, facilitate trade, build demand for recycled plastic through the global community, and therefore increase recycling levels and decrease the creation of virgin plastic. 



The WVPmovement begin

Plastic Labs MVP

Adoption & Crowdsourced Growth

Our focus in 2020 is to get technology ready for engagement and feedback. Forward facing World Vs Plastic website and wiki  will continue to raise awareness for the topic of Plastic waste by spreading knowledge, the solutions and goal we have mapped out, and a call to action for the community to support the process. The Plastic Labs project comes alive as the community -powered solutions hub of the WVPplatform. A digital community of individuals, organizations, established start -ups, and ideas, with the goal of increased collaboration (1+1=3) to create the most impact.

Our first round crowd fund campaign is active at the start of the year and its outcome will fuel our communities first 5 projects and help build the WVP platform.

Our community marketing plan is implemented and is the reason you find yourself reading this 

Thanks for the support!



Community application/ Partnerships / Plastic Shift

Phase 2 of our technology solution, the Plastic Shift Exchange, goes live and starts going through iterations of improvement with the PCR industry. Our community application, enters beta testing and will be presented publicly. WVP will be expanding the audience of environmentally conscious individuals like yourself, and will help awaken other citizens of the world to our global effort. The WVP community application V 1.0 launches and will begin to help align and coordinate efforts to make a change in plastic consumption and management.

The plastic shit exchange launches in the US via our crowdsourced program to engage community members in helping local recycling centers connect.

Our goal is for plastic labs to have worked with 500 community-based projects by this year.



Community sourced growth for virality

Phase 3 is data driven. Plastic Shift exchange, WVPcommunity application, and Plastic labs data is collected and analyzed for trends and shared with the world to demonstrate the amazing change a united effort can make for plastic management. The WVP data dashboard is now displaying results of world vs plastic projects.
With momentum on our side, we work on building synergy between organizations world wide that are working to improve plastic waste management. The PS exchange is being used by recycling centers across the US and international expansion is under way. The WVP blockchain and token are implemented to upgrade and facilitate international sales on the platform.
The community application continues adoption efforts as crowd sourced volunteering events multiply. We begin the pilot for our community sourced recycling program starting with plastic bags (read more here)

Plastic shift now begins to expand internationally.



Optimization of existing network

Now that all 3 components are running and growing, we begin to upgrade systems and optimize processes. We incorporate logistics offerings to the PS exchange. Community sourced Pilot performance metrics direct our focus on how to most effectively create bottom up programs driven through the app. Data and collaboration incentivize individuals and companies using the WVP platform by gamifying their process towards plastic consciousness and providing tools to optimize efforts and improve alignment.

Our goal now is to present programs to civic endeavors and help cities with their recycling programs and directives



Validation and Expansion

With proven success locally and abroad, our system is spread by creating autonomous nodes in the places where plastic waste needs the most attention. (currently south east Asia, read more here) WVP funds and helps establish recycling centers in small towns. Coupled with our crowd sourcing programs that collect waste from the environment by incentivizing locals financially, the WVP program begins to help the environment while empowering communities of people. Turning plastic waste into a commodity with value



Movement growth, Demand for recycled plastic growing!

The movement is now in full effect. Consumers are aware of plastic topics world wide and are making proper decisions to increase the demand for recycled plastic.

The consumer app is regularly organizing petitions and contact with government and corporations to stay active in implementing a shift towards the plastic circular economy.



Create nodes on the platform

Local recycling plants, biz dev, funding.

The world is working together and through technology to improve the recycling process and output. Now we begin to focus on the parts of the world with the most plastic waste in need of resources and infrastructure to properly manage plastic and join the circular economy.



Reverse damage Pulling from landfills as Plastic = Value With an effective system and tools in place, the world makes the shift to a circular economy. Plastic is now clearly seen for the value it yields and leads to extraction from landfills for recycling.


Massive Transformaitve Purpose

We reach a 90% recycling rate.
"From 9% to 90%"