We have been laying the foundation for World Vs Plastic since its inception 2 years ago and are now in our launch phase!

– The why
To save our World from plastic ♻️ 🌎 💚

Plastic is EVERYWHERE;
it has revolutionized life as we know it by being the most effective material humans use today…

However, too much plastic waste is the outcome and infrastucture & the government are not keeping up! ☠️
We need MORE and BETTER ways to manage a material that lasts FOREVER!  

Landfills and our environment are full of it!
Animals are dying!
And you eat plastic! 🤮


– The How
More solutions = less plastic waste.

The way to solve the plastic waste challenge is by :

Education and accessible solutions allow us to solve the challenge from the source :

Allowing each of us to be responsible for our own plastic footprint.

The World Vs Plastic
(What we are doing.)

(What is possible with everyone’s support)

Yes, this is a HUGE challenge!
Luckily, there are amazing people out there doing awesome things to solve the plastic waste challenge… most with very little help. 🥺

With support, they can do SO MUCH MORE! 📈 

– What can accomplish this goal?
Team Plastic Positive

We have connected with hundreds of these projects around the world!
Each solving the plastic waste challenge in different ways with their communities, products, and processes. 

With their powers combined…. they are #TeamPlasticPositive ! 

These hard working individuals, groups, projects, businesses, and NGOs,  are taking on the plastic waste challenge around the world… and WINNING!

We’ve onboarded 22 projects so far with many more in the pipeline that are out there, making a change, and ready to do more with support!

Exponenital Growth Strategy

The way Uber and Airbnb revolutionized travel, World Vs Plastic is using the power of technology and community to drastically change how we manage the plastic waste we create by increasing the amount and impact of existing plastic waste solutions- EXPONENTIALLY!

World Vs Plastic empowers existing plastic waste recycling and education programs around the world so they can do more! 

We connect with, track, and EMPOWER these projects with funding, equipment, technology, logistics, outreach, partnerships, volunteers, strategy, and anything they need to accomplish their BIGGEST GOALS!
Saving our world from plastic waste! 

Everyone working for their cause, passion, and purpose is a powerful thing!

The team in Tulum, Mexico onboarding new projects.

Join and Empower #TeamPlasticPositive

By joining #TeamPlasticPositive, you empower these projects to do more! 

Starting with neutralizing your plastic footprint! 

World Vs Plastic makes it easy for each of us to be responsible for the plastic waste we create, while supporting communities everywhere.

With global support, we will empower the global tribe solving the plastic waste challenge. 


It’s simple, More solutions, less plastic waste. 


#WVPunited we will make a MASSIVE change! 

Join #TeamPlasticPositive and take charge of your plastic footprint!

Start your journey through the #WVPmovement today! 


World Vs Plastic
“Let’s save our World from plastic.”

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